GerSi Translations

Expert terminology and creative style combined

Let me ask you ...

Have you had enough of translators with excellent knowledge of expert terminology and merely sufficient linguistic knowledge, or perhaps with hardly any imagination?

They are great for internal documents, of course, but what about your external texts? Your marketing material?

Fact is that ...

Potencial customers are often complaining either about linguistic qualitiy of user manuals for example or lack of expert knowledge in marketing material. The reason for lacking of their interest might be hidden in the quality of your texts. Your marketing material is like a business suit; your website like a business card. If they do not look high quality, people will transfer that to the product, thinking, if you can not even invest in proper error free language of your written material, what else did you not invest in regarding the product?

Let me rephrase ...

Would it not be great to find a translator, who would be able to present your expert texts in a catchy fluent style, typical for marketing texts? A translator, who would be familiar with your expert terminology and at the same time have the ability to ignite that spark in your customer's eyes when they see your marketing material?

If your answer is yes,

what can be done?

Well, I am one of those translators you are looking for, who can do both.

Please, take a look around this website and use the contact form to submit your request for more information.